Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moving is fine, neighbors suck!

Blood Is The New Black is moving! That's right folks, to the hills of Silverlake, CA. I helped move the biz around today. I will tomorrow too.

Moving is alright, I've moved only a couple times, but I'm fine with it. I think it provides a great opportunity for new soil and re-growth. The problem with moving though, always seems to be neighbors.

As soon as I get there today, I chat for a little with Mitra's new landlord, a nice guy who is smaller then me (irrelevant). Suddenly, this high pitched fobby voice comes belting from behind me, directed to the land lord "YOU CAN'A PAR'K IN'A DA DRI-WAY!! YOU BLOCKuh MY WAIY GET OUTAH 'ERE!" Apparently the guy's a real tight ass. So we move our cars.

Funny thing is, somehow no one noticed but I back my Mercury Villager into his staircase, WHOOPS. It actually was on accident, I'm never that vindictive.

Anyways, I make another run to collect more BITNB pieces to move, I get there and it's night now and the guy isn't around. Mitra comes by, suddenly, that same voice comes from below the space "'ET WHATAI SAY ABOU' BLOCKIN' DA DRYWAY! MOVE-A!" Some dudes came out of nowhere with their own truck, suddenly needing to get out of the complex. So we move cars. The guy aforementioned, he's watching the entire parade of cars, moderating our progress with flitty hand gestures and pinched barks. Once we're done, we go back in and eat pizza.

So yeah, new neighbors can suck ass. I'm a nice new neighbor! I bake cakes and cookies and all that shit! In fact, I need to move too. Who wants me to be their new neighbor?

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